Connecting to Leapfrog Central

The first time you use the Leapfrog Browser, you will need to set up a connection to Leapfrog Central. Request an account from your Leapfrog Central administrator, who will provide you with your login and connection details.

Once you have these details:

1. Launch the Leapfrog Browser.

2. Click the Add button.

3. Enter the information provided by your Leapfrog Central administrator.

4. Click New user.

5. Enter your login token.

The login token can be used a single time and is for the purposes of setting up your account and password.

6. Click Change Password.

7. Enter a new password.

8. Click Save.

In the Leapfrog Browser login window, click on the server to log in:

Once logged in, you can add other Leapfrog Central servers, if required, using the options in the Central Projects tab: