Storing and Accessing Data in the Project Data Room

Each Central project has its own repository of data files related to that project, called the Data Room.

You need to be the Owner or an Editor of a project in order to access the project’s Data Room.

The Data Room for each project can be viewed in the Central Portal by clicking on a project, then clicking on the Files tab for that project:

Existing files can be downloaded from the Central Portal and Leapfrog users who have project permissions can import data from those Central projects.

The rest of this topic describes how to use the Central Data Room. It is divided into:

Uploading Data

You can drag and drop multiple files and folders into the Files tab to upload them to the data room. Here a folder called “GM Meshes” has been dragged into the Files tab:

The folder and its contents will be uploaded into the project data room.

Working with Data Files

Click the options button () to view more options for a file, including renaming and downloading the file, deleting it and moving it to the recycle bin.

Click on a file to view more information about it, including its version history:

Click the button to Upload a New Version, or click on a version to download or delete it.

Deleting Files

When you delete a file from the list, it and all its revision are moved to the project recycle bin.

Note that revisions deleted from an individual file’s history are not sent to the recycle bin and cannot be recovered.

Accessing the Data Room From Leapfrog

See the Importing Data From Central topic in the Leapfrog Geo 6.0 help for information on importing data from the Central server into your Leapfrog project.

Accessing the Data Room From Oasis montaj

Geosoft grids or voxels in your Oasis montaj projects that you upload to Central can be viewed in the project’s Data Room. Once you have uploaded the data, as described in Connecting via Oasis montaj, select the project you’re working on and then click Files.


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